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May 2, 2018 | By Khách Hàng | Filed in: Tin Tức.

Welcome to Green Eco Certified
Show clients that you practice green principles and that you are registered as a green business. Demonstrate your green initiative and become registered in our database as a green certified company.

We have created one of the Nation’s largest data bases that certifies small to medium size companies in their effort and intention to practice sound ecological principles. Our green certification recognizes a sound ongoing practice of reducing your personal and business carbon footprint. Having been recognized as a green certified business you will be entered into our database, provided with our logo to proudly display to clients and those around you of your environmental commitment to practice sound energy, water, waste reduction and recycling principles. Our verification demonstrates your current conservation and your commitment to practice green principles.

There is an increasing demand in both the private and government sectors to ensure that service providers, vendors and suppliers are green friendly and able to demonstrate this.

Our certification process is made easy to follow and flexible in its framework so as to acknowledge your current green practice and to demonstrate your intent. It is understood that not all of our guidelines may be possible or even applicable to you and your business. In all reality a green certification is only as good as the individual or company’s commitment to practice these principles in all of their affairs as it is not a static accomplishment.

Follow our 3 steps and become green certified by simply clicking on Next “Becoming Green” and let us take you through our simple process.

Take advantage of the increased visibility and greater sales that being recognized as a green certified business can give your company.

Become Green Certified
The standards on the next page are presented in the form of a checklist. Once you verify your current green measures and acknowledge your intent to implement and practice them, you will be registered in our data base as a green business.

There is great flexibility in how the standards can be achieved and we understand that not all measures are feasible or even applicable to your company. However we do not certify companies who generate the bulk of their income from the production or manufacturing of polluting activities.

Once the certification process is complete, you will be entered into our database, receive your green certificate, certified logo window stickers, door sticker, green standards poster, and our electronic logo for your website where you can proudly announce to your clients and those that visit you of your green certification.

By going green you not only save the environment but also save on energy, water and material costs while at the same time benefiting from increased visibility that affords you a distinct marketing advantage for being recognized as a green certified company.

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